Rules are meant to be broken especially when it comes to fashion. Here is a list of three fashion rules to break this year if you’ve not broken them yet.


  1. You should wear white to someone else’s wedding

We’re not certain who invented that rule of not wearing white to a white wedding, but it’s been more of an unwritten rule if you want to attend a wedding as a lady. The reason? You may end up competing with the bride, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put on white. It definitely makes you glow!


  1. Your shoes must not match your belt

Yes! Feel free to mix colours.


  1. Feel Free to mix different prints and patterns

Oh yes! It’s not just fashionable, it’s also trendy.


  1. You can carry clutches at any time

It’s not just for the evenings. You can rock it anytime!


  1. Nothing wrong with wearing same shade of colour from head to toe


  1. Try wearing sneakers with your gown or suit (not just to the gym)


  1. Wear glasses if you want, whether you use them or not.


  1. Don’t always carry a purse, you can use a back pack


  1. Wear yellow and pink together!


  1. Turtlenecks is for everyone (It doesn’t make you look too serious)


  1. Wear sweatshirt anywhere! (Not just to sleep)


  1. You can tuck in your shirt without wearing a belt


  1. Forget belts, tie something else.


What other fashion rules do you think should be broken? Let’s know in the comment section.




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